About EuroHYP

About EuroHYP: legal entity and bylaws
The European Stroke Research Network for Hypothermia (EuroHYP) is a not-for-profit scientific association registered in Belgium, under the number: 0808.543.104 (legal form: „association sans but lucratif” ).

The association was established in December 2008 to create a strong and transparent legal platform for the activities of the network – including a major pan-European research programme on hypothermia.

The purpose of EuroHYP is setout in the bylaws of the organisation:

The association aims to develop, support and promote the medical research and dissemination activities related to stroke and brain diseases in general, especially considering the experimental and clinical research related to hypothermia and its therapeutic applications aiming to protect the human health.

The purpose is substantiated by
1. the creation of a pan-European organizational platform for networking and collaboration among scientists involved in hypothermia and stroke research;

2. organisation of scientific symposia and participation in conferences;

3. the design, organisation and implementation of experimental and clinical research trials, and projects aiming to identify the benefits of hypothermia - including the validation of novel technologies;

4. fundraising effort aiming to build the financial base necessary for conducting novel, advanced hypothermia experimental and clinical studies;

5. the creation of a website as a depository of the literature and research efforts ongoing in the area of hypothermia;

6. the realisation of other projects in the context of the association’s general purpose."


About EuroHYP – the Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of EuroHYP consists of leading stroke researchers and specialists:

Dr. Malcolm Macleod - President
Prof. Stefan Schwab - Vice President
Dr. Jesper Petersson - Treasurer
Dr. Gregor Brössner - Scientific Coordinator
Prof. Derk Krieger - Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Rainer Kollmar - Scientific Coordinator
Prof. Francesco Orzi - Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Bart van der Worp - Scientific Coordinator
The work of the Executive Committee is coordinated by the Secretary General – Istvan Szabo

About EuroHYP – membership application form and process
The EuroHYP represents an open networking platform for scientists. We accept applications from all interested researchers, including junior scientists and students.
Please complete the application form below and send in to the Executive Committee, for assessment.
EuroHYP Membership Application Form

last updated: 18th January 2011