Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

The active participation of SMEs is crucial both to the success of the current project and to the development of wealth and know-how to support the future health of Europeans. EuroHYP enjoys the support of a number of SMEs including the following projects:

The Oresund COOLAID project runs in Sweden and Denmark and involves by Benechill, Zoll and Medivance

The Heidelberg iCOOL project involves Benechill and HVM Medicals

Hypothermia Call for Action

In 2010 a consensus meeting hosted by EuroHYP agreed the Hypothermia: Call for Action, later published in the International Journal of Stroke

Rationale for trial design

In this JCBFM Review Article> the EuroHYP investigators discuss the various considerations which have led to the design of the EuroHYP trial protocol

Supporting Experimental Data

In one of the most highly cited systematic reviews of animal studies van der Worp and colleagues show that animal data supporting hypothermia is more convincing than for any other intervention